September Wish List


September is a transitional time of year. The weather can’t make up it’s mind and neither can I. Am I still holding on to open toed sandles and bare legs or do I want to get the jumpers out of the loft? Hence, a slightly confused wishlist this month. Generally speaking, I’m getting a bit excited about hats and gloves and I can see I’m about to dive headfirst into my usual winter palette of black, black, and more black. Some of these items are on the fantastical side, but it is a wish list after all.

Clockwise from the top left.

1. Topshop – Two Tone Zigzag Beanie –  £12.00 

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of the “military” trend and luckily for me it seems to be one of those ever present trends, alternating with nautical in the summer. We all need a hat and a nice green one will suit me fine.

2. Sandro – Lambskin jacket – 795 EUR

Ok, so I will not be buying this anytime soon, unless my landlord decides he doesn’t actually need my rent money. However, ever since spotting it in Avignon, my heart has belonged to this beautiful leather jacket. It’s so soft and the fluffy sheepskin front is divine. If you find a cheaper version anywhere please let me know!

3. Zara – 5 Pocket Jeans with Flock Animal Print – £39.99

Again, these aren’t going to happen for me right now. Not because of the price but because my legs bare little resemblance to those above. However, I find September is as good a time as any to start a new health regime and I’m using these as my inspiration. What’s not to love about velvet flock leopard print trousers…

4.Zara – Fedora Hat with Chain- £19.99

Zara is full of winners this season. This hat is a winner, and I want it.

5.Zara – Shopper Basket – £39.99

I may have bought this already. It’s nice. It’s inexpensive. It’s practical – I managed to get everything I needed for a weekend business trip including laptop in it. It is however gracing the shoulder of every tenth woman in London so not exactly unique, but it’s about the way you wear it I suppose.

6.ASOS РLimited Edition Biker Coat £150

I can’t quite work this out, but I think it may be awesome. It’s the best coat I’ve seen so far this season and I just hope it looks how I want it to. It’s sort of a coat with a gilet over the top. I think I might risk it.

7. KG Kurt Geiger – Jessie Shoes ¬£130.00 £39.00

Needless to say, with a saving of £90, I couldn’t resist these and bought them already. Seeing as its the end of the summer this is probably a really bad idea, but I’ve noted monochrome is looking big for S/S13 and I LOVE them. They are really comfortable and I have a weird obsession with snake skin which makes it irresistible to me.


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