Why I Don’t Hate Victoria Beckham

My sisterly defenses have been called to action recently over many an argument about Victoria Beckham. She seems to be the go to person when people need someone to hate upon. What particularly niggles me about this is that most of the hate seems to come from men and I can’t help feeling that it’s a tad misogynistic. The focus point of most of the bile spread round about her is her appearance, as if being skinny is a crime worse than murder. People seem to like making hilarious jokes about her supposed eating disorder. If she really does have the <em>mental illness</em> anorexia, should we really be using that against her?

I get the feeling, that some of this has to do with the way she dresses. There’s something about true “fashion” types that a certain type of heterosexual man can’t get on with. Her sartorial decisions, at least since her discovery of that Roland Mouret Galaxy dress, seem to be aimed at pleasing women rather than men. Her clothes, both designed by herself and others, are all obviously very feminine in form, but aren’t “girly”, at least not anymore. Her sharp dresses and smart tailoring say “I’m in control”, “I make the decisions” “I am powerful” “I am serious”. Is this just a little bit threatening to the middle aged balding man who seems to hate her so much?

Perhaps I’m reading too much into it – she did get a boob job, which was hardly for manrepellling. I know she’s no heroine of modern feminism. However I can’t help but like her. For starters she was in one of the best girl groups of all time. I could write a whole new post on reasons why we shouldn’t hate the spice girls but in summary, unlike the puppeted sex doll clones around today such as the pussycat dolls – singing about being hotter than your girlfriend, competing with each other and generally committing crimes against the sisterhood – the spice girls celebrated individuality, friendship and their rights and freedoms as young women. Although you can be cynical about the motivations and marketing behind them, I’d still rather see a group of six year olds stomping round the playground shouting “girl power” than gyrating to “don’t wish your girlfriend were hot like me?”

She’s always being called miserable despite always coming across as fairly witty and fun in interviews. People were particularly catty about her apparent moodiness at sporting events this summer, especially in comparison to photos of her husband at every event smiling and high fiving with the kids. Get over it! The lady does not smile in photographs and given the picture comparison below its easy to see why.

Some of us weren’t blessed with a dazzling smile. Some of us just look a bit “special”.

I’m right with you Victoria. Get a load of mine……

I challenge anyone who can call a woman talentless who has so successfully launched a line of clothing winning over the fashion community, rivaling the likes of Celine.  She’s come a long way from hipster jeans with sparkly crowns on the pockets. Her last collection was stunning – moving away from the sensible tailored dresses to a more sporty, youthful aesthetic. Many a pop star has dabbled in fashion but she’s the only one I can think of who has truly made it in the elitist world of high fashion. And she’s done a great job.

So next time you feel like mouthing off about someone you never met, why don’t you pick someone more deserving. There’s plenty of figures in the public eye who’s moral or political depravity justifies such venomous outbursts – take Jeremy Kyle or Danny Dyer for example – but lets just leave Victoria alone, yeah?





One thought on “Why I Don’t Hate Victoria Beckham

  1. For what it’s worth, I think she’s totally fab. And what the heck IS the benchmark of modern feminism? Here is a woman who loves her family, loves her work, is successful, and confident, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and doesn’t give a toss what others think. That sounds pretty good to me.

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