Finding my way back to Narnia

So, I was trying to work out why I’ve been away from the blog for a while. Was I working too hard at work and not wanting to spend time in front of a screen in the evenings? Was I worried about not feeling “photo ready” enough to do the kind of posts other bloggers were doing? Was I getting bored of the whole thing? Did I need a new sense of direction?No, not really. I think probably I’ve just been fairly content over the last few months, and when I’m busy living in the real world I find a lot less of my time is spent wondering around in my own head. Anyway, some of my friends and family are not satisfied with merely seeing me happy and want to read more of my ramblings, so….. I’m back!

Also, if your not one of my friends or family, which I find somewhat hard to believe, and you’re finding me somewhat hard to relate to as you generally only get to see the back of my head or my feet, here I am……

Here’s me hanging outside the Pompidou Centre. Yeah, That’s just the sort of shit us bloggers do.



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