My May Wishlist: A Sporty, Fresh take on Spring

This month my heart is channeling a zingy fresh sporty vibe, inspired by the race I will be running on the 27th of May.

Clockwise from top Left:

1. Topshop – Lips in Whimsical – £8.00

A lovely peachy nude hue to add a bit of freshness to my Spring face

2. Topshop – Nails in Play For Keeps – £5.00

… and a matching nail varnish. Matchy matchy isn’t my usual look but sometimes a matching nail and lip makes you feel like a real grown up.

3. Liberty – Nike University Gold Liberty Print Free 5.0 Trainers, Nike x Liberty – £90.00

These trainers have been flirting with me for a while. They keep popping up in my inbox trying to catch my attention. It’s working. I have really fallen for them.

4. Shu Uemura – UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30 – £29.00

Accidentally tried this at the beauty counter at Liberty. Have been dreaming of the smooth dolllike skin it would give me ever since. Plus the factor 30 will protect my gothy white skin throughout the summer months.

5. American Apparel Barrel Bag – £16.00

Zingy lemon fresh sports bag to carry my kit around in? Yes please! Really quite enjoying the neon trend at the moment. Would very much like a neon brolly. Has anyone seen one?

6. ASOS Multipack Plain Band Rings – £8.00

I have really wanted rings like these since I saw the ones Rosie Fortescue has on Made In Chelsea. Now in general these are not people whom I would wish to emulate, particularly in terms of political ideology or general behavior, and its quite clear that for some of the cast money does not buy taste. However in Rosie’s case, a rather large fashion budget does seem to lead to a rather enviable wardrobe.

7. Topshop – Hieroglyphic Parachute Jacket by Unique** – £90.00

Love all the hieroglyphic prints from the Unique collection. I’d definitely be the coolest girl in the park in this –  FACT.

8. Nike Fuel band

I have been watching the progress of these for a while on the Internet. They’ve had a few limited releases in the UK and I can’t seem to work out how much they will cost when they launch here properly. basically they are a sort of calorie/heart rate monitor. You put in your target calories to eat for the day and it tells you if you’ve moved enough to have used them all. I kind of like the idea that it would turn exercise into a bit of a game and that you could get a better picture of what you burn just generally existing.


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