Making my fourth week of the month a happier experience….

Just a little note before I get started here, this ones not really for the boys. In fact it may be somewhat controversial in the fact that girls aren’t really supposed to mention the fact they menstruate at all, let alone review sanitary products. I however don’t go in for that sort of gender repressive bullshit so I’m gonna go right ahead.

I’ve started using a Mooncup. I’m not sure why I suddenly had such a strong urge to move away from tampons, but I had heard good things about them and my intrigue led to a purchase.

It’s not that tampons are so bad, but they tend to be a bit drying and generally add to the discomfort of the whole event. Don’t even get me started on sanitary pads, which are, as far as I can see, just another humiliating, degrading blight on the lives of women. They are essentially adult nappies. Um…No.

Also there’s the packaging issue. The non-applicator ones roam around in the bottom of your handbag picking up dust which gets under the plastic wrap and the applicator ones have so much plasticy waste that I am forced to feel really guilty about the landfill issue every time I have a period. As if, ladies, we need more of that in our lives.

So, I bought a Mooncup. This is essentially a small rubber cup that sits inside the vagina, a lot lower than a tampon and creates a seal inside which will collect the blood. You then empty it out every four hours or so and give it a quick rinse and re-insert.

It’s a bit tricky to get in the first time but I found within the first day I could do it really quickly. It’s incredibly comfortable, you can’t feel it once it’s in and you don’t get any slippage or movement like you do with a tampon. There are absolutely no leaks either, I have even tried it on a lengthy run, and you can sleep with it in too.

Obviously the process of emptying and washing it does require you to be more intimately knowledgeable of your body and it’s fluids than you would with regular products, but I think that if you are genuinely repulsed by your own blood then you have quite serious issues. I mean I’m not exactly saying, like I believe Germaine Greer once said, we should all taste our own menstrual blood but you should actually be grounded enough to feel comfortable looking at it.

Anyway I thought I’d share because I’m a real convert and pretty much anything that can make that fourth week of the month a slightly more pleasant time is worth knowing about, I say.



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