From rocky mountain ranges to perfectly polished pearls


My hands have looked pretty horrific lately. Due to a rubbish digestive system that fails to absorb any of the nutrients from the plethora of vitamins and minerals I push through it every day, my nails have been breaking and splitting. I also believe I have hyperactive cuticles. I turn my attention away for five minutes and they seem to have engorged my whole nail bed. None of this is helped by the development of a terrible nervous habit of biting the skin around my nails, only stopping when the iron taste of blood makes me realise what I’m doing. Consequentially my nails have looked like a war zone. I was pretty much getting to the point where I was thinking the only real option was to cut my entire hands off and replace them with new ones. Or get a professional manicure – one of the two.

However, on taking a boredom led trip to every Brits favourite chemist, Boots, at lunchtime I decided to pick up a pot of Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now! Cuticle cream, “enriched with vitamins and soy proteins”. I thought a little pot of something on my desk to rub in to my sore fingertips would stop my incessant nibbling.

I really had to tell you about this because it’s truly quite amazing. A couple of rubs throughout the afternoon and my nails have turned into perfectly polished beauties. No more dry flaky bits, no more cracked cuticles. It’s pretty impressive. I achieved in seconds what I have failed to achieve in hours of soaking in the bath and attacking with cuticle pliers and orange sticks.

I’ve used Sally Hansen products before and been really impressed but I fell out of the habit of buying her products after they stopped doing my all time favourite “60 second manicure” product – an exfoliating gel/scrub that you massaged over your whole hand and washed off 60 seconds later. It perfectly smoothed out dry fingers and cuticles in seconds as well as smoothing rigged nails. I have been searching for something similar ever since.

This little orange pot may be my new favourite nail care product. Sally I salute you and I promise not to forget that you are indeed the Queen of nails! I am looking forward to testing many more of your products in future.


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