Glossybox March: The Harrods Edition

So the long awaited Mystery Box has arrived and this time it contains items from the beauty hall at Harrods. However, as Glossybox invited their ambassadors to the store to launch this months box over a week before we got ours, anyone with half an eye on the blogosphere already knew exactly what they were likely to get, rather spoiling the mystery element. Any hoot, I was fairly pleased with the selection I received despite the samples being really mean in size.

Narciso Rodriguez – For Her Eau De Parfum
I’m not sure how one reviews a fragrance, being as personal as they are. I generally like light, youthful floral scents perhaps with a slight herbal note: something fresh and pretty. I don’t like anything too heady or spicy and I hate anything that smells like food – I don’t want to smell like an apple or a bar of chocolate. This perfume is quite strong and perhaps a little mature. It’s a heady floral scent with what I thought smelt like kaffir lime in it. Something about it reminded me of Thai green curry anyway. It’s not unpleasant but when I asked my boyfriend what he thought he confirmed my suspicions about it being too old for me. Also let’s be honest with each other for a second, 90% of the allure of a perfume is in the packaging. The lurid pink colour of this otherwise inoffensive but also uninteresting bottle does not make me lust after its appearance on my dressing table. So, all in all – not for me thanks.

YSL – Forever Youth Liberator Serum
This product on the other hand has packaging so attractive I’m considering stringing my sample bottle on to a necklace. Well probably not, but the metallic lilac bottle with matte black lid is very aesthetically pleasing indeed. I’m not 100% convinced if serums are entirely necessary, and I sometimes worry that piling on layer after layer of product is only making my skin worse, but I have been using L’Oreal Youth Code serum and moisturiser since Christmas despite this without much evidence that the cream wouldn’t be just as good on its own. However, this morning putting this youth liberating serum on my skin felt really smooth and soft. I hardly wanted to put on any makeup at all. It’s a little hard to tell after one day but I have a feeling I’m going to be quite a fan.

Burberry Beauty – Miniature Lip Mist in Copper No. 202
I was very much hoping to get this as I’ve been lusting after Burberry beauty products since their launch in 2010. I’m not sure exactly what a Lip Mist is but it appears to be somewhere between a gloss and a balm, in lipstick form. The colour is flattering – a sort of warm cinnamon colour that knocks out the pink in my lips. It’s a nice finish, dewy and youthful. It did make me long for smoother more even toned skin though as the natural look is rather dependent on having a great base. Also my issue with lipsticks, balms and glosses like this is that you end up applying every five minutes which is particularly unhelpful when you’re presented with a doll sized sample. My housemate was rather disappointed when I told him I’d got a Burberry lipstick in my box that it didn’t make my lips tartan. Silly boys!

Clarins – Extra Firming Body Cream
More firming lotion after my not so great review of the extra firming face creams. I want cream to make me soft not firm! Having said that I quite like this body cream. It smells nice, in a clean powder room sort of way, that’s not too strong in itself if you wanted to wear your own fragrance on top. My thirsty skin drank it up in seconds so it wasn’t greasy or difficult to put clothes on quickly afterwards, which is important when your smothering it on at 7:45 with 15 mins to whip your clothes on, run a brush through your hair and get out of the house. However because it rubbed in so quickly I used almost the whole 30ml tube – not so good. Also I’m very dubious about creams that tell you they can firm up your bingo wings and wobbly thighs. I kind of think the act of massaging the cream in must be beneficial but it wouldn’t make a difference if it cost £80 or 80p. I doubt I’d buy this but I enjoyed using it today.

Molton Brown Gingerlily Moisture Bath Shower
I’m a bit bored of reviewing shower gels. Generally they either smell nice or they don’t, and they either leave your skin soft or they don’t. That’s it. However, Let’s face it, Molton Brown products are rather nice. They are a bit posh and they come in nice boxes with classy brown ribbons. This one also smells quite good. It’s the sort of thing I might buy someone as a gift but probably not myself.

[I didn’t do the photos this month as I didn’t take the photos before reviewing and the samples looked a mess – back to my own work next month promise!]


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