Big Boobs and Snotty Shop Assistants

So I have taken up sports recently. This is something that happens every now and then to me. I get very excited and motivated and do lots of exercise and then life gets in the way and I stop. Hopefully this time I wont stop. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. I think this time it might be better because I have decided not to spend £75 per month on a gym membership which often complicates the issue by adding guilt to the mix. Now I can exercise because I want to and because it makes me feel better not because each day I don’t go increases my average spend per visit by £3.60 or whatever it is. So instead of the gym I’m running, skipping, using the Nike Training Club Ap in my front room (seriously hard but really worth checking out) and doing some weight lifting and other toning exercises.

I’ve discovered I don’t hate running as much as I thought. I actually quite like the fact you can just get up and go from your house and be back in 45 mins feeling full of endorphins and self pride. I don’t live in an area that is particularly nice for running though, so I need to find some better places to go, although this will rather go against what I’ve just said about it being very convenient. The canal that I run along is a bit depressing. So far I’ve seen rats, several drunks, shifty looking men in bushes, a lot of rubbish and a man crying feeding the swans. I definitely prefer running from my parents house in the south of France, among the vineyards with views of the mountains and the sound of cicadas in my ears. But hey….

Anyway the worst thing about doing exercise is having to go into sports shops and deal with sporty people. This makes me feel like I’m back at school in P.E. I know I’m not naturally talented in the area of sports. I know you wouldn’t pick me for your team, but I give it a good go. I always got 4E as a grade for PE at school – 4 being my level of achievement out of 5, 1 being the best, 5 being the worst, and E for my level of effort – E standing for Excellent. Basically “you try really really really hard but your just rubbish” is the message I got from my teachers.

I made the mistake of going to Sweaty Betty, the ludicrously expensive woman’s sports shop, to look for a new sports bra. Most of the clothing in there is more expensive than my evening wear –  Lycra trousers and windbreakers at £80+ per item. I mean seriously! Anyway I was looking at the shock absorbers and the Lycra clad, svelte shop assistant came up to me and said “Can I help at all?” Obviously thinking “Are you lost?”.

“Um I’m not sure. I was just wondering what size these go up to?”

“Well I think we stock up to a 40″………

“…..40? 40? DO I look like I have a 40 inch back” I thought.

“….Ur, I meant cup size rather than back size” I say trying to hold back the obvious tone of offense in my voice.

“Oh right. Well I think they go up to an H cup or something massive like that but I’m not sure if we have them. what size are you looking for?”

“Uh a 32G.” I say. Or one size down from “massive”, was what I was thinking.

Not going back there in a hurry……

……So to cut to the chase. I bought this one from Figleaves. No snooty shop assistants involved. And I wanted to tell you this because it’s brilliant! It’s really comfy, Its super strong and supportive and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing some sort of straight jacket which for a dd+ sports bra is a miracle. To all you big boobed sports bra wearers out there I recommend it thoroughly. I managed to skip for 20 mins without bouncing barely a mm out of place. And I quite like the cheeky flash of purple sticking out of my otherwise ninja like black sports outfit. Very Christopher Kane AW12, no?

Figleaves Active: High Impact Non Wired Sports Bra – £25 +P&P


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