Glossybox February: Beauty Products for the Fashion Weary

Apologies for being away from posting FOREVER. Sometimes my day job gets in the way of my fun. This won’t happen often. As such, this review is  even later than normal and I think I’m getting my March Glossybox  box tomorrow so I’ve just about squeezed it in before the deadline!

The February Glossybox was targeted as the box for fashion week: products that would keep you looking and feeling fresh all day. To be honest this message didn’t come over particularly strongly, and if I didn’t have a little card included that told me so, I wouldn’t have particularly picked up on any theme. Still, the box was not a major disappointment.
Duwop Venom Gloss in Buttercup £16 for 10.4ml
When I first saw this I wasn’t particularly overjoyed. I have said before that I’m not a gloss person. Firstly, I don’t think they last very long and I don’t like the sticky finish. I have experienced too many windy day = hair stuck to lips occurrences to think this a great idea. I am more of a matte lipstick or lip stain girl. I’ve also tried lip plumping products before and think they are a bit weird. My Eve Lom lip balm has a tingling sensation but it’s more of a gentle tickle than a full bee sting. My lips aren’t that small anyway so I’ve never found it to be a particular product of interest. However, if you do lust after plumper lips, and have a high pain threshold, this could be the product for you. It really works! My lips  certainly looked a lot fuller and my friend Tilly, whose lips really don’t need help in this area, looked like she’d popped out for some collagen injections. Lana Del Rey eat your heart out! Obviously after our trail application we couldn’t talk to each other because of the intense burning sensation but everyone knows a true fashionista must suffer for her art. Anyway, I tried this on again when trying to find a neutral tone to match a smokey eye and being careful not to smother such a thick layer on I realised I actually quite liked the effect. It’s a very flattering colour with very small glitter particles so it’s not too frosty or blingy and it’s not nerely as sticky as other glosses I’ve used. I think however as this isn’t an everyday product for me I wouldn’t be purchasing it myself but I’d certainly recommend it to those who need a bit of a boost to their pout.

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap – Eucalyptus – from £1.99 59ml
I’ve bought one of these soaps before for my boyfriend in Peppermint. You used to get it in health food shops and now it’s everywhere from American Apparel to Liberty. I’m not sure why, other than that the packaging looks nice in your bathroom. The scents are really nice – pure essential oils and no nasty synthetic ingredients. On a side note, Glossybox, I like eucalyptus but you don’t need to send me everything in this fragrance. I’m not living in the jungle in fear of insect bites. Anyway, it is a good natural soap but it is very “soapy” by which I mean basic and slightly drying on the skin. Sometimes you can’t beat that squeaky clean feeling that soap gives you, unlike a shower gel, but when I bought this before, my boyfriend, who isn’t likely to moisturise after getting out of the shower, complained that it left his skin feeling tight and dry. I’ll use it until its gone but again won’t be buying anymore.

BM Beauty – Pure Mineral Eyeshadow in “Storm Cloud” – £7 for 2g
There’s been a lot of hype over mineral makeups recently. I’ve never been too fussed mainly because I am clumsy and I can see the potential for a lot of mess with all that loose powder around. However I was really impressed by this product. The colour isn’t immediately exciting, it’s a sort of gunmetal/khaki colour in the pot, but actually it goes on more of a smokey silver rather than being too green. It sits really well on your skin as long as you have something underneath such as concealer for it to cling too and doesn’t crease or smudge like other eyeshadows often do. I found it a little difficult to build the colour, creating more of a wash rather than a contoured look. However as a constant eye rubber the staying power impressed me and I would defiantly consider buying mineral eyeshadows in the future. Probably not for my everyday colour because I can’t throw it in my bag like a compact but for smoky evening eyes it works for me.

Paul Mitchell – Round Trip Curl Definer £12.95 for 200ml
I don’t have curly hair so a curl definer isn’t the best product for me to review. However I’d hoped that it might encourage the wave in my hair but it didn’t. It also smells funny and left my hair dull and straw like. I ended up brushing it out and using straightening irons. Booooo!

Como Shambhala Invigorate Body Lotion £20.00 for 300ml
Again eucalyptus! But this time matched with geranium and lavender. The scents seemed a bit confused to me but I do love geranium oil. It’s really calming and supposed to be very good for women suffering from imbalanced hormones. I  am usually a fan of products like this with strong natural aromatherapy oils but the moisturiser itself didn’t wow me. It’s also £20 a bottle which is quite expensive so I doubt I’ll be buying it. For me if I want the scent of geranium I’d rather buy Neal’s Yard or Aromatherapy Associates rose and geranium oils.


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