Conflicting Messages at Chanel

Coco Chanel famously said you should always take off the last thing you put on before leaving the house. I don’t think this applies to shoes. I think maybe it was more about scarfs and hats, that sort of thing. Part of me thinks this is probably a good idea. I like a bit of understatement and sleek minimal designs. I often find myself repeating Coco’s mantra to myself. Perhaps velvet, lace, gold , leather and fur is a bit much for one outfit – better lose the fur. I really should invest in a downstairs mirror for last minute self-monitoring.

However the current creative director of Chanel is king of the accessory. Karl Lagerfeld refuses to be seen without his iconic dark glasses, masking his face (at least he’s over the fan episode), detachable collars so large they engulf his whole neck and a ton of heavy silver rings on each finger. Like the “put a bird on it” sketch, Karl’s designs seem to be incomplete until he’s “put a bow on it”.

I have mentioned before, that I was amazed by the vast quantity of rings that Karl owns when watching Lagerfeld Confidential. One of my favourite bits is when he slaps his assistant’s arm in what should be a friendly, affectionate sort of way and she is clearly injured from the weight of his rings.

Anyway, I didn’t used to be a massive jewellery wearer. I think this is partly because I used to lose everything so rings and bracelets would often disappear  pretty quickly after purchase. I am also a gold person rather than a silver person and gold being as expensive as  well gold I am forced to wear either plated items or cheap high street versions which tend to be a bit blingy. Mainly though this is due to the fact I haven’t liked any for a while.

Anyway this seems to have changed and I’ve become a bit obsessed with rings in particular. There is a lot of jewellery around at the moment that I really like. Geometric shapes and warrior-like studs and pyramids as well as my Alexander McQueen skulls are my current favourites. As such I have quickly discovered I’m running out of fingers to put them on. I looked at my hands this week and thought “When did I turn into Karl Lagerfeld?”

Man Repeller is an advocate of the “arm party”, a look she devised that involves layering as many bracelets as you dare to purchase. Presumably this results in particularly toned arms and in the event of a run on the banks she would be able to cash in at the nearest pawn broker, as I estimate each arm to be worth a couple of grand. I sort of envy this look though.

So what do you think – less is more or is more better? I am in two minds. Maybe I can do minimal mon-weds and excess thurs-fri a little like my drinking habits.


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