The 84th Academy Awards: Oscar nominees and their winning dresses

Obviously, last night was a major night in the Hollywood calendar, celebrating those both behind, and featured on, the silver screen. However as the most important red carpet event of the year, it is also a fairly major event in the world of evening wear, as we wait in anticipation to see what the stars and their stylists have chosen to wear. Although we may have seen many of the dresses sashaying down the catwalks six months earlier at the Spring/Summer shows, there is nothing better than seeing them brought to life by our favourite (or indeed not so favourite) personalities.

Being, as I am, in London and finding myself with a full-time, 9-5 type vocation, I did not get to watch the live event on my telly. However I did get to watch the first arrivals via live stream on my iPad, before my boyfriend dragged me away to bed, perhaps more than a little concerned by my lace and velvet induced over-excitement. It was, therefore, not until this morning that I got to see the full line up of the glitterati in all their shiny glory.

I will not be live streaming the event next year. What I saw was truly awful. I watched the events via The Telegraph website, only because it was the first hit in google, and I don’t know who the presenters were. The woman interviewing was at best completely unprepared and at worst a complete imbecile. She managed to offend almost everyone she spoke to with her jabbing questions. “Why did you pick that dress?” she asked Berenice Bejo, from The Artist. “Errrr because I thought it was beautiful” she replied, as if to say “Why? Don’t you?”. I think what she meant to say was “Your dress is beautiful. What drew you to Elie Saab as a choice for tonight?”. She also managed to scream in one woman’s face “OMG! Clooney’s arrived!” completely forgetting she was in the middle of interviewing her. She looked more than a little annoyed.

Berenice Bejo in Elie Saab

Berenice’s Elie Saab creation, was in my opinion, the most stunning of the night. It incorporated many of my favourite trends from the Spring/Summer shows: pale pistachio ice-cream in colour, and crafted from fine lace, dripping with mermaid-esque beading. I was also really taken by the freshness of the white dresses worn by the likes of Mila Jovovich, Rooney Mara and Shailene Woodley. The Tom Ford creation worn by Gwyneth Paltrow was the cream of the crop. Firstly it was a dress and a cape. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the magic qualities of a cape. Secondly, the sleek design with matching low pony and cuff were perfectly understated.

Mila Jovovich in Elie Saab

Shailene Woodley in Valentino Haute Couture

Michelle Williams’s Vuitton dress could easily have been ruined by the wierd colour of her clutch bag and the cutsey bow on the waist but the coral fabric won me over anyhow.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Rooney Mara and Rose Bryne’s futurist sharply cut bangs were great and although some have criticised Bryne’s choice of heavy platform shoes anyone who reads this blog regularly would know this is something I would have upmost respect for. I love the casual way Rooney wore her cutting edge Givenchy gown, without jewellery. I heard she only picked it yesterday morning.

Rose Bryne in Vivienne Westwood

Rooney Mara in Givenchy

Apart from the blargh nude dresses worn by Cameron Diaz etc, the only real disappointment was the polka-dot red Vintage Dior dress that Natalie Portman wore. The print looked juvenile and the neckline was boxy and unflattering. Obviously, there was also the disappointment that Tilda Swinton, the queen of red carpet dressing in my eyes, wasn’t there.

Natalie Portman in Vintage Dior

Who do you think deserves the award for best dressed of the night and we’re you disappointed with any of the choices?

Photos stolen with thanks from and taken by WireImage.


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