Swedish brand Monki opens flagship UK store on London’s Carnaby Street

Today, Swedish high street favourite, Monki opened a new flagship store on Carnaby Street. situated next door to the also recently opened Cheap Monday Store, it opened its doors to queues of young fashion followers at 12:00. Obviously, I only remembered this at 12:04 so missed the excitement of balloons with gift cards attached given to the first 100 visitors. Stupid me!

I was excited when I noticed the store was due to open shortly after Christmas, having seen the brand mentioned on other blogs across the net. I wasn’t disappointed. Not unlike another well known Swedish brand, the store offered minimal, sleek, design at affordable prices. In fact many items where shockingly cheap with the majority of things under £30. The general look was equivalent to the “trend” items in h&m (the more fashion forward items with the higher price point) mixed with a bit of the simplicity of American Apparel. I particularly thought some of their accessories including PU clutch bags, jewellery and digital print scarves were attractive as well as their brightly coloured knitwear. Some of the printed dresses were cute but too young for me, however at prices equivalent to Forever 21 or New Look they were at a perfect price point for the teenagers they would suit best.

I picked up some multi-tone stacking rings, a silver iPhone case (not unlike some of the designer ones I have been lusting after in Liberty) and a printed canvas bag. You can never have enough canvas bags in my opinion. This little Friday treat amounted to a grand sum of just £16. Well you can’t do better than that can you?



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