Please don’t let this be the end for my beloved power boots

Topshop - Pablo Pointed Court shoe £65

My number one favourite fashion blogger (as yet!), Man Repeller, recently wrote this article about the return of the “pump” at the shows this year. Particularly at NYFW. It seems many of the designer’s are waving goodbye to my trusty friend the platform shoe in favour of a return to the pointy stiletto.

To this I say, “please, please, please don’t let the platform be dead!” They are SO much easier to wear. Whilst the shoes included in her article are deliciously lovely (the Alexander Wang ones especially), I look at them and know they will never feature in my wardrobe. Shoes like that belong to a different class of lady. The kind of lady that takes a taxi everywhere not the tube. The kind that is always offered a seat and never forced to stand for hours at a time. The kind that never has to trundle around town after her boy mates on the way to the pub whilst they run off at 100mph.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the platform has been my saviour for the last two years, giving me the extra five inches my chunky, stumpy little legs so desperately need without risking possible death when coming across a cobbled street or a particularly steep stairwell. Don’t take it all away from me now! 😦


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