Crimes against fashion destined for Room 101

I was watching BBC’s Room 101 on iplayer last night. For my non-British readership Room 101 is best explained here. I couldn’t help but notice how amazing Hilary Devey looked. Obviously the artificial face and wig-hair-look isn’t usually my favourite but damn does she have a good surgeon! Plus her outfit was fierce. Rose gold watch- check, slinky snakeskin long sleeved dress – check, belt shinier than the surface of the sun – check. I think I am developing a soft spot for her.

Anyways, it got me to thinking in a round about way as my brain always seems to work, about the crimes against fashion that I would banish to room 101 and here were some of my initial thoughts:

1. Uggs – Seriously. I know they are warm but don’t tell me you don’t see girls wearing these with hot pants in summer. The fake ones are even worse, particularly when a slightly sloppy footed girl treads down the sides a bit so they look like they have club foot – when the foot inside goes one way and the sole the other. NOT good.

2. Scrunchies – part of me knows that my nostalgia for the nineties will probably lead me to wearing one of these again one day. But for now – ewwwwwwww.

3. The Flatform – Can fashion magazines stop telling me these are good? They are not. They are just ugly.

4. Skinny eyebrows – please see earlier posts.

5. Hats with faces/ears on anyone over the age of 16. – cute for teenagers, not cute for adults. The fact I saw some of these at London Fashion week appalled me.

As I said these were just my initial thoughts. Please feel free to add your own particular peeves via comment below.


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