Suggestions to replace THE cardigan in your life

This is a personal post relating to my friend Tilly. She has a problem. The problem is a cardigan. The cardigan has become somewhat of a security blanket in my friend’s wardrobe. She needs to move on. It’s not a terrible cardigan but it has the tendency to ruin a perfectly good outfit by looking very tired and not fitting her correctly. This is obviously not a crime and it certainly doesn’t make me love her any less, I just think every now and then we need some encouragement  from our loved ones to part ways with our vices. Here are some suggestions for her. Tilly, please note these are ALL lanolin free and budget friendly (apart from the kimono but it is really pretty).

1. New Look, Twisted Knit Open Cardigan – £19.99

2. Topshop – Knitted Pastel Wide Cardi – £38.00

3. Nasty Gal – Lace Kimono Jacket – $58.00

4. ASOS – Cardigan With Cable Sleeve –  Was £40.00 Now £32.00

5. Urban Outfitters – Staring At Stars Geometric Aran Shawl Cardigan – Was £65.00 Now £20.00!


2 thoughts on “Suggestions to replace THE cardigan in your life

  1. These cardigans are all beautiful. Since my cardigan has pretty much nothing to do with a style choice and everything to do with warmth, I’m not sure how practical the kimono would be – but it is pretty nonetheless.

    The Urban Outfitters cardigan looks particularly snug and cosy, yet it is more likely that I shall purchase the New Look number – for no other reason than the wonderful peach hue ❤Tilly

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