A Special Valentines Glossybox: almost as dissapointing as Valentines day itself

A lot of fuss was made over this special Valentines box. It was supposed to be full of special pampering products to make you look gorgeous on your valentines night out. It wasn’t. I was expecting a fragrance; some red lipstick perhaps; something to make my hair soft and smell gorgeous; A body oil perhaps; Something to get the man in your life to notice you. Sadly I was mistaken.

A little bit like I was mistaken that my boyfriend might want to treat me with a bit of luxury on Valentines day: Some flowers; a nice card perhaps? I got a curry and a can of larger. A really good curry, I have to say, but not a romantic curry. Is curry ever romantic? Probably not

Fab Body Moisturiser
This is a perfectly adequate moisturiser but it is fragrance free. For me part of the joy of moisturiser is that unlike a spritz of perfume which tends to fade fairly quickly, the scent seems to hold all day. It should also feel like a bit of a luxury. This moisturiser is purely for your flaky bits and it doesn’t cost 99p. If I wanted a cream like this I would probably opt for a good old standard like Nivea cream, E45 or Palmers cocoa butter. I’ll shove it in my gym bag, but I won’t be purchasing this myself.

Clarins Extra-Firming Day and Night Creams.
I find face creams very difficult to review. They are so personal to your skin type that what may feel like an oil sick to me might feel feathery light to someone else. I have normal skin tending towards combination: a little drier on the cheeks than my t-zone. I also still get the odd blemish but am also concerned about the recent appearance of fine lines. Or “the wrinkle” as I have affectionately come to call it. This is misleading because “the wrinkle” is actually three. Anyway, I tend to like creams that are somewhere in the middle of a gel and a rich cream. Gels are sticky, creams are too heavy. My favourites are L’Oreal Youth Code or preferably Eve Lom when I can afford it. They have the perfect texture for me. Ive tried Clarins products before and never really got on with them. These creams looked like they’d be alright, in terms of consistency, but when I put them on I found them a bit sticky and they didn’t sit well in combination with my foundation. I’m not sure “extra firming” is really something I’m looking for in a face cream either. I don’t find my face is particularly “lose”. However they may be just the thing for you!

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer
“Oooo a primer” I thought. “I really want one of those”. I still do. Not this one. It’s a bit gritty, I don’t like the fact it’s coloured and it moved around my face making it essentially useless as a primer which should hold your makeup and smooth out your skin.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner
So Eyeko have lost their manga style packaging and gone up market, thus charging more. I quite like their new packaging and this eyeliner has a long end which is supposed to a) help you get a better grip and keep a steadier hand and b) allow you to use it when you have sharpened it down to a stub. I got a navy one. I don’t really do navy so this was a bit disappointing. It is really soft and easy to put on. However, it’s easy to put on because it is quite oily, which means when it heats up it moves badly. Because of the blue colour I realised shortly after putting it on that I had what looked like an enormous ink blob on the side of my face where my eyes had watered a little and it had run off my face. Not good.

Over all I didn’t like anything in this box. Some people got Davines hair products. I am very jealous. I love Davines. I would have said lots of nice things about them.


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