New Additions to Narnia

Here are a few of the things that have entered my realm since Christmas. Some were gifts, some cheeky presents to myself! Uploading them all here is a little reminder to myself that the spending orgy must stop at some point.

1. A documentary following Creative Director of world famous fashion house Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. Worth watching purely to marvel at his drawers upon drawers of starched detachable collars and bowls full of rings. “Interesting” childhood anecdotes included.

2. A complete steal from Burberry’s outlet store in Hackney (still quite extravagant a purchase), complete with anti-mugging studs.

3. Bought for me by my wonderful parents for Christmas. Really wasn’t expecting it. It seems putting a wish list on your blog IS a good idea.

4. I liked this because it functions as a cardigan but is less sloppy, which is good for work. Love a bit of black on black too.

5. Another Christmas present from my wish list. I’m a lucky girl.

6. For some reason I’m obsessed with crystals, stars and all things mystical at the moment. I’m not wearing this for healing reasons, promise.

7. I saw this and had to have it despite the price tag. I took it to the till before I had time to reconsider. The cut out back, which you cant see here gives the perfect balance to a done-up collar.

8. This skirt is really good fake leather and was £19.99. ‘Nough said.

9. I had no flats. I needed some. These were reasonably priced, pretty, and fitted in with my usual aesthetic of gold on black


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