Oi! Mr White Van Man – Keep it to yourself

This is not my bum - imagine the shit I'd get if it was. Stolen with thanks from Miami street Photographer http://www.emirco.blogspot.com

In my efforts to make this blog a celebration of the beautiful things in the world, I have tried very hard thus far to not bitch and moan about all the not so beautiful things (blink + go eyeshadow palettes aside). For those that know me, you will understand that, being as opinionated as I am, this is fairly difficult. It comes as little surprise then that by post number 9 I am feeling the need to vent. So here goes:

Dear Mr White Van Man,

I am sure you think that honking your horn/wolf whistling/grunting/pointing/making lewd gestures at me will just make my day. I’m sure you think that a little reassurance is all I need to boost my self confidence of a morning. Perhaps you think I also find you attractive. Perhaps you think I donned these heals this morning entirely for your pleasure.

I’m afraid you are entirely mistaken. I do not wish to receive a running commentary on my appearance from men I pass in the street on my way to work. I do not wish to be scored, strictly come dancing style, with every step I take, as I really couldn’t care less what you think. What kind of woman would I be if my self confidence relied on what some style deprived, idiotic stranger thought of me?

So please keep it to your self next time.



Seriously I can’t be the only woman for who this is a constant source of annoyance. It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing – I can look like a troll in sweatpants and this still happens. Not that I deserve to be be hounded whatever I choose to wear, as demonstrated by the thousands of women taking part in SlutWalks worldwide. Clearly feminism is not a dead issue. It’s irritating, degrading, often intimidating and also I can feel the wrinkle on my forehead deepening every time it happens as I am forced to pull my surprised and disgusted face. The wrinkle is itself a testament to how many times a day I am forced to pull this face.

Also, what possible purpose does it serve to the guy doing it other than to try and assert his dominance over me? How often does someone turn round and say “Oh sir, you approve of my attire, do you? You are wearing a very fine fluro vest yourself. Why don’t we step into the back of your vehicle and show each other some appreciation?” NEVER.

Vent over.

Please feel free to vent your own frustrations via comments below.


One thought on “Oi! Mr White Van Man – Keep it to yourself

  1. My best advice for some respite from all of the above is to borrow a baby or v small child for the day.

    Alternatively, become middle aged, white van men don’t see you at all once you’ve reached 50. Something to look forward to.

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