Music for a Sore Head

I must admit this post was intended for the party season, however sitting on my sofa with a glass of berocca in hand its clear that the indulgence of the last month hasn’t quite seemed to let up yet. New year’s resolutions will have to start tomorrow (better a week late than never right?). Anyway here’s a playlist that came in quite handy after too many parties. It’s suitable for lazy Sunday’s too.

1. You Can Count On Me – Panda Bear – Tomboy

2. Wedding Bell – Beach house – Devotion

3. Worried Shoes – Karen O and The Kids – Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack

4. For Emma – Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

5. Knife – Grizzly Bear – Yellow House

6. Eli – Caribou – Andorra

7. Turn Into – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Show your Bones

8. Sea of Love – Cat Power – the Covers Record

9.Shelia – Atlas Sound – Logos

10. Ashley – The Dodos – Visiter

11. Oh Mandy – The Spinto Band – Nice and Nicely Done

12. Calvary Scars II – Deerhunter – Wierd Era Cont.

You can listen to this list on Spotify

As you can tell the music on my iTunes is a little dated now. Any recommendations would be most welcome!



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