Brows: Be Bold!

clockwise from top left: Brooke Shields, Penelope Cruz (from the Mango campaign), Brooke Shields again (why not?) and the lovely Jennifer Connely in Labyrinth

I was pretty horrified this week when I was told I was “sporting a Scouse Brow” by someone at work. Clearly, being the marketing lady she’d learned this word in the twitterverse and decided I was the perfect victim to unleash it on. I hadn’t actually heard this term before but having caught a few minutes of E4’s Desperate Scousewives, I had a good idea of what she was on about. A quick google confirmed the “Scouse Brow” is the new in phrase to define a harsh edged, full brow that bares little to no resemblance to your natural hair colour. Needless to say, this was some what damaging to my ego.
I’m pretty attached to my strong brow look. My eyes look weak and pathetic without a fierce brow to frame them. Unfortunately, my natural brows suffered terribly in my early teens from an unsupervised plucking incident and have a nasty gap that just needs to be filled in. I’ve tried many different products including gels and pencils but have settled on a nice dark Bobbie Brown shadow and a sharp edged liner brush. There’s something youthful and somewhat wild and fairy tale like about a bushy brow and I won’t be persuaded otherwise.
Marlene Dietrich can keep her penciled wisps and although Drew Barrymore was pretty cool at the time she did the Guess ad campaign featured below, she should be eternally punished for inspiring many a young woman to attack her face with a pair of tweezers. Thin eyebrows are just too mean in my opinion and generosity is far more attractive. I’d rather risk a bit of Frida Kahlo overkill than risk the hideous aging stripper look sported by the likes of Pam and co.

clockwise from top left: Marlene Dietrich, Rooney Mara in David Fincher's Girl witha Dragon Tattoo, Pamela Anderson, Drew Barrymore in the Guess campaign, 1993

However if you see me around looking a little bit too much like this please direct me to the nearest face wipe!


Jodie Lundstrum and her famous Scouse Brow


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