Put on your power boots and start walking

2011 has brought me many things, but perhaps one of my better discoveries of the year has been the platform shoe. So I’ve obviously worn platforms before but this year they are everywhere. A cleverly concealed platform allows the height and grace of a Louboutin without the eye watering, toe pinching, horror of the extreme heel-to-ball-of-foot height ratio. I can tower over my friends and foe feeling highly self-important without fearing for my life whilst traversing stairwells. Not only a staple of the disco dance-floor, when found in the form of a chunky black boot, the platform can help you strut your stuff where you really need it – the workplace! Forget padded shoulders and eighties trouser suits, all I need to totally WIN in a Monday morning sales meeting is an extra five inches of height.

Here are my top five platform power boots:

Clockwise from the top

1. Splinter £110 Carvela Kurt Geiger

2. Amica Chelsea Ankle boot £130 ASOS

3. Nominate suede boot £75 Office

4. Android Panel Boots £80 Topshop

5. Lita Bootie £108.68 Jeffery Campbell at Nordstrum


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